My Business Phone — Cloud Phone System by Telphin

Simple Business Phone System

Tailored to small business that does not have time to spend hours configuring obscure buttons and knobs

Powerful Unified Commuications

Cloud-based with no hardware to install and advanced features: Integrated Mobile Support; Call Recording; Multiple Numbers and more

Cheap Scalable Communication Solution

$9.95 per month includes 5 extensions and one US Phone Number in any Continental State

$9.95 / mo
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  • 5 Extensions

    Now your callers can talk to different people in your company depending on their needs. Receive incoming calls on any phone — land-line, mobile, mobile app or computer. Calling between extensions is free.

  • Multi-Channel Incoming Line

    No more «Line is busy» for potental customers calling your Business Phone. Telphin’s My Business Phone lines support multipe incoming calls at the same time.

  • Call Recording

    Establish and store an archive of important telephone negotiations and conferences.

  • Auto Attendant

    Auto Attendant is perfect simple function to make welcome message for your clients, in a few words you can provide important information about your company and help to connect with the service you need without any delay.

  • Call Forwarding

    Set up call redirection of incoming calls to any telephones including external and mobile numbers.

Phone system allows you to connect a number in the code of any city in the world.
We offer you a variety of 33 countries

You need only choose the required business phone number, connect virtual pbx, and within a few hours start to make and receive local, intercity and international calls.

Virtual phone system is not linked to your location and address of your company. So all calls you make and receive on a single corporate telephone network can optimize the communication costs and time dial.

You can make and receive calls using simple landline or mobile phone.
Our phone system allows you to make calls in different ways:

Receiving and making calls

It is really easy to receive and to make calls with My Business Phone. For receiving calls you only need SIP application (on your smartphone or tablet), or voice over IP phone or just simply install redirect to your mobile phone in MyBusiness Phone interface page. Our support in a few minutes helps you to install your hardware (sip-phones) or software (you can download any sip-app from android or apple stores) to start making outgoing calls.

Auto-Attendant and IVR

Auto-Attendant is a good reason for calling to you people to hear without any delay pleasant voice telling about your company. You can record your own personal welcome message (for example with instructions how to find people your clients need) and download to My Business Phone system with web-interface. Interactive voice response or IVR helps your clients to navigate in your company to reach necessary department or division in the company.

Be local globally

Now, with virtual number feature your company get feature to be more closer for customers with your virtual presence. The number is not bound to your location and the address of your organization, but your clients can call you as next door company.

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