About Telphin
A Reliable Phone Company Dedicated to Exceptional Customer Support
Telphin is a broadband telephone company with a competitive advantage. Technology has unlocked the boundaries between the phone and the computer allowing Telphin to create exciting new ways to communicate with friends and colleagues across the globe. Telphine’s next-generation communication platform provides high quality local, long distance and international telephone services at a fraction of the cost of regular providers.
Every product and service we offer was engineered with people in mind – to make communication with loved ones around the world easy, convenient, and cheap.
Telphin was founded in 2003
Telphin was founded in 2003 by immigrants to the U.S. who have family and friends abroad. No one understands the need to stay in touch with far away loved ones like we do. That is why we constantly invent new, unique features that emerge out of our own experience and needs.
Our customers in the US, Canada, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Europe save money while enjoying the highest voice quality and unmatched convenience and flexibility.
Our friendly support professionals will respond to you over the phone or via an email – whichever you prefer.
Call us at any time, or send us an email in your native language. Telphin will respond rapidly!
Give us a call at +1 (800) 813-9144